Our clinical development plan, based on drug combinations that can potentially boost each response of the mechanism of action, has two main objectives. The primary objective is to obtain regulatory approval for pelareorep as quickly as possible and is based on the compelling metastatic breast cancer survival data. The second objective is to expand pelareorep into commercially valuable new treatment areas that include immunotherapy and immunomodulatory (IMiD) agents in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners.

Program 1 - Chemo combinations (direct cell lysis)

This is the basis of our metastatic breast cancer registration pathway and takes advantage of stressed tumor cells to initiate cell lysis.

Program 2 - Immunotherapy combinations (adaptive immune response)

These combinations (Keytruda®, Opdivo® and Tecentriq®) leverage pelareorep’s ability to create an inflamed phenotype and to upregulate PD-1 and PD-L1 on T-Cells and tumor targets and can unlock additional value in Oncolytics’ clinical development plan.

Program 3 - Combination with IMiDs (immunomodulators) / targeted therapy (innate immune response)

This currently explores the combination of Celgene's Imnovid® and Revlimid® in a groundbreaking immunotherapy trial. Our aim with this drug combination is to modulate the immune system to target myeloma.