CEOCFO Magazine Interview with Dr. Matt Coffey

Educating the Immune System to Target Disease and Send Natural Killer Cells

Matt Coffey recently spoke with Bud Wayne of CEOCFO Magazine to recount our founding story, pelareorep’s differentiated approach and the role it could play in the future of cancer therapy. In that discussion, Bud and Matt hit on a few key points of differentiations that we think makes our oncolytic virus stand apart from the field. Read an excerpt of the interview below:

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about Pelareorep, which is your intravenously delivered non-pathogenic, proprietary isolate of the unmodified reovirus and why is intravenous delivery important?

Dr. Coffey: There are a few advantages that we have. One is that RNA viruses, which pelareorep is, are very good at engaging the immune system through multiple pathways. RNA, especially double-stranded RNA in our cells, looks very foreign and it is one of the best ways of stimulating the immune response. The second thing is, because we are not modified, there is no change to hospital practice. We can actually treat patients as an outpatient where they can go home with their families after treatment. Modified viruses require special handling and significant changes to clinical practice, including bleaching of rooms following treatment. If there is anything physicians and hospital staff don’t want, it’s change. Especially change requiring additional work.

IV administration is key. Cancer therapies for the most part try to treat systemic diseases and by that I mean metastatic disease spread everywhere in the body. If you are doing intratumoral injection, you are treating a localized lesion, so generally something you can administer into, such as a melanoma expressed on the skin or head and neck where it is expressed superficially. It is very difficult to treat someone with lung cancer and go in and inject the lesion because it is very dangerous and requires imaging guidance. Importantly, it is also not a positive experience for the patient. IV administration allows us to treat systemic diseases or metastatic disease very efficiently because we basically infuse the patient with a trillion viral particles so we are able to get pelareorep to the sites and it is able to replicate there, and that is really key. We have been able to demonstrate in patients, successful delivery of pelareorep and delivery after multiple rounds of therapy when the immune system is aware of the virus, and propagation and replication of the virus in these patients, through these windows of opportunities. We have been able to demonstrate that pelareorep is engaging the immune system the way we want it to.

Checkout the full interview with CEOCFO Magazine here.