Oncolytics Biotech Third Quarter Earnings Call: A Recap

Interested in learning more about what we’ve been up to during the past few months? Last week, CEO Matt Coffey, provided an update on recent Oncolytics Biotech activities during our Q3 earnings call. From sharing new AWARE-1 data at the Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Conference to presenting at the annual International Oncolytic Virus Conference (IOVC), the Oncolytics Team has been focused on advancing pelareorep and gathering crucial data from multiple trials and collaborations.  

Below, we’ve captured an excerpt from the call that highlights some of our recent activities and upcoming milestones.

“As everyone following Oncolytics should know, we're focused on advancing Pelareorep in the lead indication of metastatic breast cancer, and we're conducting two key clinical studies with industry leaders that will determine design of the phase III registration program for Pelareorep in this indication.

We have an approved study design for the phase 3, but we believe these two studies (AWARE-1 and BRACELET-1) will provide data supporting the addition of a checkpoint inhibitor, as well as biomarkers that we believe increase the chance of success in this critical study.

AWARE-1, our window of opportunity study in early-stage breast cancer with Roche’s Tecentriq, is ongoing and we expect to announce additional data before the end of the year. The BRACELET-1 study for which we have a co-development agreement with Pfizer and Merck KGaA focusing on metastatic breast cancer will begin enrolling in Q1 of next year with our recently announced clinical partner PrECOG.

Last quarter, we announced encouraging results from the safety run in AWARE-1 which is being conducted by SOLTI in Spain to evaluate the efficacy of Pelareorep in combination with Roche’s Tecentriq and the utility of our biomarker measuring T cell clonality.

The data was also updated and highlighted earlier this month at the Society of Immunotherapy for Cancer Conference in Washington D.C., by principal investigator and lead author, Aleix Prat, and presented by study investigator from SOLTI, Patricia Villagrasa.  The data from these first patients demonstrated creation of new T cell clones as well as the expansion of a patients’ existing T cell populations.

We've consistently shown across the multiple clinical studies that our virus can successfully infiltrate, replicate within, and inflame multiple tumor types including both primary and metastatic disease.  These findings have been further validated by meta-analysis that was recently presented during a podium presentation at the Annual International Oncolytics Virus Conference.

For more information, you can listen to the full call here or read the press release.