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How Pelareorep Aids Checkpoint Blockade Therapy

In follow up to our recent ‘Insight’ on the power of biomarkers, this backgrounder highlights our biomarker in the context of how pelareorep works, what it does and what we are doing with it, using graphics to demonstrate the measurement of…

The Power of the Biomarker

Using T-Cell Clonality to Predict and Broaden Which Patients Will Respond to Checkpoint Blockade Matt Coffey recently spoke about “the power of the biomarker” at the Annual General Meeting on May 2, 2019. Listen to the full webcast, and read an…

AACR 2019 Snapshot: A First Look at Predictive Biomarker Data from a Combination Study of Pelareorep + Keytruda® in Pancreatic Cancer

AACR 2019 was an important conference for us. We’ve been investigating the potential utility of a biomarker to help predict a patients response to receiving pelareorep combined with other immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors. This study is a first look at the utility of T cell clonality as a predictor of response to therapy, and we’re very excited about it.